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Regional Nature Reserve of Grotticelle

The Regional Nature Reserve of Grotticelle covers 209 hectare (516 acres) between the east side of Mount Vulture and the river Ofanto. It lies in the community of Monticchio Bagni at an altitude of 400-650 m.

The reserve is characterized by its warm-humid climate and has been established in order to preserve the natural habitat for the 'bramea' moth (Acanthobrahmaea europaea HARTIG). It is a species that lives only in the Vulture area ("endemic") and its larvae feeds only from ash-tree (Fraxinus oxicarpa) und Ligustre (Ligustrum) that are very rare in natural environments in Southwestern Europe.

The entomologist Federico Hartig discovered Acanthobrahmaea europaea during a scientific excursion in the Vulture area in 1963. It is the only species of the Brahmaeidae family present in Europe, while all other related species can be found in Africa and Asia only.

Foto of Acanthobrahmaea europaea male and female adult

Natural Reserve of 'Lago Piccolo di Monticchio'

The reserve 'Lago Piccolo di Monticchio' covers 187 hectare (462 acres) and lies in the caldera of old Mount Vulture that belongs to both communities of Atella and Rionero. Like the big lake also the small Monticchio lake covers a vent of today's inactive Vulcano. But the small lake is fed by several undersea springs of mineral water and its bottom slopes fast and steeply to a depth of 38 meters.

Museum of history of nature of the Vulture area

The museum was established in 2009 and is located on the first two floors of the abby of S. Michael at the smaller lake of Montichio. The exhibition is dedicated to the rare Acanthobrahmaea europaea (Bramea) an emdemic species at the slopes of Mount Vulture, the changes of the Vulture area and the history of its inhabitants.
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Parco Vulture

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